WC Podcast #11: Xmas Comics with Benito Cereno

Christmas this year will include many shoulds:

  • You should read comic books.
  • You should get to know Benito Cereno.
  • You should slavishly visit his blog.
  • You should do…other cool stuff.

Just listen. It’ll explain everything.

Links to everything we mentioned on the show:

Opening music by Brian Conover, “Christmas Time and Comic Book Men.”

Outro music by @MysteryMammal, from Xmas in Space.

Weird Christmas is part of the Christmas Podcast Network. Today, I featured a teaser of the Advent Calendar House podcast.

… and if you enjoy my site, consider buying me a coffee. It helps support the contest, podcast, and to get all the cards ultimately uploaded and searchable.



  1. Great episode! I love Jingle Belle, and am putting that compendium on my Xmas wishlist! Thanks for all the great links, too.


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