Christmas is weird. It used to be weirder. This is proof. I started collecting weird vintage Victorian Christmas cards, and the whole thing exploded. This site began with a tumblr blog (http://weirdchristmas.tumblr.com/), but there were stories to tell about those images, and tumblr’s not the best for text. So here we are.
A very brief FAQ:

Do you actually own all the cards you post?

If only. No. I do collect vintage Christmas cards, and I have a lot of them. But the most popular and weirdest ones are hard to find now. Krampus cards in particular go for at least $30 each online. So if you’re looking to start your own collection, expect to spend some serious cash.

Is your name really Craig Kringle?

Are you serious?

Can you send me a link to that one card I remember that you posted two years ago and that I can only vaguely describe?

I’ll do my best. I don’t mind requests like that, and I get them a lot. But my organizing system is pretty idiosyncratic, and I can’t remember when I’ve posted anything. If you saw it on Tumblr or Twitter, I have it somewhere, but it may take me awhile to find it. (One of my long term goals is to make a searchable, well-tagged collection of all the cards…but that takes time and effort, and I don’t get paid for this, you know. Moochers.)


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