Each holiday season, starting with Halloween and ending with the New Year, I post a bunch of vintage holiday cards along with other random strange holiday curiosities. (I haven’t really branched out to Valentine’s Day or Easter yet, but I’m trying.) Tumblr is where I do most of it because I can queue up a ton at once. I cross-post them to Twitter and Facebook, and I try to post the most popular ones to Instagram, too. Here are the links:

Tumblr! This is where the goods are.


Twitter: Still some goods.


Facebook: yep, goods still coming.


Instagram: a trickling of very square goods.


One day I hope to have a searchable collection of them here, but it’s still in the works. [Guess what!? Here’s a sneak peek at it. I haven’t advertised it yet, so if you came here, you stumbled onto something secret and spicy and special:]