Zazzle.com is having a Cyber Monday sale of 60% off of all their postcards. The ones I’ve put up there cost $1 each, which is about as low as I can get it and still get a nickel. Not bad for just finding the best scans of the popular cards, uploading it to their site, and raking in the cash.


That’s the link. Use it or lose it. Here are a sampling of some of the ones I’ve uploaded. If there’s another one you want, let me know. I can go through my collection and find the best, highest resolution scan. If it’s one I actually own, I’ll make it perfect. Otherwise, I’ll do the work of trolling through the ole internet to get the best one out there.

Again: https://www.zazzle.com/weirdchristmas?rf=238694090151143357

… and if you enjoy my site, consider buying me a coffee. It helps support the contest, podcast, and to get all the cards ultimately uploaded and searchable.


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