Bonus Podcast: Thanksgiving with the Christmas Podcast Network

It’s a special bonus episode for Thanksgiving! And it’s not just me. I’m part of a new thing: the Christmas Podcast Network! It’s the place where you can find a ton of the best Christmas podcasts all in one place. So this is a little sampler. We each recorded a snippet and them put them all together in our own way.

And if you liked the background music, which is awesome, go check out @MysteryMammal on Twitter. It’s awesome spacey electronic Christmas stuff.

I could post direct links to all the shows mentioned in the episode, but I’d rather you check out the Christmas Podcast Network site first. This is a promo bit, after all.

If you’re looking for information about the Flash Fiction Contest, go here.

And I know I said I’ll post the results of the survey…it’s coming. Gotta make my graphs pretty. Heh heh…

… and if you enjoy my site, consider buying me a coffee. It helps support the contest, podcast, and to get all the cards ultimately uploaded and searchable.


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