Halloween Costumes OF DESPAIR!

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Disease or costume? You be the judge.

Before you could grab a cheap mask at the drug store, you had to make your own costumes. And some people weren’t very, well, good at it, especially in the pre-Pinterest world. Luckily, other peoples’ miscues provide plenty of nightmare fuel for us.

7dc50e5d-a447-4a10-9deb-3c7c0257d757-1002x1020 - Copy

Scoliosis was a popular costume in the 50’s.

Some of these costumes are all over the internet as clickbait, but I thought I’d still throw up (pun intended) some of my favorites. And please send me any you find, too! (weirdxmas@gmail.com). I’ll post more as they come in this month.

1vintage-rabbits - Copy

There’s a story behind this that I don’t want to know.

3b463e19f50ac9b8d6109d4682637580 - Copy

She can’t blink. Sad.

404e7f7651eb83c32d5764536d2367d0 - Copy

Baba Yaga!

500c4eac902c42cc12b19b5e4e8280db--vintage-halloween-costumes-retro-halloween - Copy

Real guns. America!

525x525px-LL-15dd0797_vbattach13615 - Copy

I know it’s an old, old picture. I still want to run away.

1475523253-halloween-1929 - Copy

And whose childhood are you ruining today?

bacon - Copy

Probably not a Halloween costume. But, come on, this is too, too good.

Creepy_eb1045_6071176 - Copy

Apocalyptic sewer rat cosplay.

death-masks-photo-u1 - Copy

We spread a message of doom.

http _a.amz.mshcdn.com_wp-content_uploads_2014_10_Halloween-costumes-2



Intense chicken.


“But, mom, it’s not finished yet!” “JUST GO OUTSIDE!”


The put a mask on a bloated corpse.


We dressed as Great Aunts Velma and Maureen.


Do you think I’m sexy?


Our plans now are final. We shall do this…


That’s intense, disturbing commitment to a costume.

It’s hard to know sometimes what’s actually creepy, terrifying, odd, strange, or just misinterpreted. I’m sure many of these, especially the kid ones, were meant to be amusing. But a little anachronism never hurt anyone, right? RIGHT?


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