Peeping Pumpkins

Creepiness is in the nausea and shivers of the disturbed. It’s hard to say what’s actually going to creep most people out because some of us freak at jump scares, some get grossed out by innards, and some are terrified of garden gnomes (true story). But this trend bugs the hell out of me:

Whatcha doin’, Billy?

Peeping Pumpkin cards. And there are a lot of them.

I like your doggie.

There are far too many old Halloween cards of pumpkins staring at children through windows with these hungry leers on their faces. And, granted, I know they’re supposed to be generically scary. But, come on, things spying on children when they’re vulnerable?

‘Sup, girlies? Wanna know what’s under my skirt?

It just leads to far too many, well, criminal suggestions. But they kept coming.

Is it better or worse to know there’s an actual human out there?

And just to add to the ick factor, you’ll also see a lot of cards with the same thing pointed at young women. At least this one shows them taking some kind of protective measures:

Wasn’t always pumpkins, either.

But most of the time, they were just frightened victims:

Pluck. Sure.

Really, though, it keeps coming back to creepy things staring at children in totally unhealthy ways.

Hallo2017 (5)
She’s getting ready for bed, and you’re smiling as you watch. Nice.

I suppose this is better than what we’ll see in a couple of months at Christmas time. You expect goblins and ghosts and monsters to be creepy.

I think this kid’s bigger problem is that his house is floating in space.

There are even more cards of Santa and St. Nick staring at children through windows. Ah, the joys of the holidays.

You are prey, children.

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