Xmas at the Natural History Museum (De La Rue Company)

A couple of folk have asked for these, so time to put them all in one place.

One year, the de la Rue company, which I’ve talked about before, put out a series of cards for the Natural History Museum of London.

Not the weirdest card. Yet accurate.

And that’s literally the extent of what I can find out. I’ll bet there are more of these because they usually came out in series of at least six, but this is all I can find. And I’m not even sure these are technically all the same series, although they seem like the same artist to me.

I know a lot of folk pick these up on Twitter and share them, especially among natural history geeks and museum folk and scientists and researchers. What’s most fun are the period interpretations of what the creatures might have looked like.

If anyone has any further information about this group, PLEASE let me know: weirdxmas@gmail.com. I’m always searching for more…

“Ideal impression of a future creation discovered by Professors Ichthyosauraus, Megalosaurus, & Co.”
“Study of the Mammoth and Dinotherium”
“A rink in the Glacial Period.”

The rest seem to possibly be connected, although obviously not as spot on with recreating ancient creatures.

And, hey, one more of a zoo. Probably different artist, but the same company:


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