Podcast: Halloween Postcards with Eric Hinton

The first podcast episode of the 2020 {shiver} season. We do a bit of deep diving into the world of Halloween postcard collecting which, if you follow me on social media, you know is a small obsession of mine. Eric Hinton runs Halloween Postcards and has collected all, yes, ALL of the Halloween postcards printed before World War 2. We wander around some of the stranger examples and figure out what goes on in the musty corners of our collector-type-brains.

This episode has a video version as well so you can see the cards we’re talking about. Head over to my youtube channel or just….here:

Bumper music:

“Happy Christmahanavaloween” by Melanie

“Horror Flick” by Make Like Monkeys

If you’re feeling generous, check out my Patreon page here where you can get all kinds of bonuses throughout the year.

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