WC #19 (Almost) Unwatchable Christmas Movies with Alonso Duralde

Alonso Duralde’s book Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas is an excellent reference. It’s great for finding something different for your holiday movie watching. I especially love the chapter “The Worst Christmas (Movies) Ever: Lumps of Coal in Your Cinema Stocking.” So we chatted about some horrible Christmas movies and went deep into three of them:

Santa Claus (a 1959 Mexican movie that takes St. Nick in some odd directions)

  • Santa Claus (a 1959 Mexican movie that takes St. Nick in some odd directions)
  • Some of My Best Friends Are… (a 1971 flick about Christmas Eve in a gay bar which is wrong in so many wonderful ways)
  • The Magic Christmas Tree (a 1964…thing. There’s a witch and a giant. Santa sits in a chair. And a dad struggles with a lawnmower. Also, meatloaf sandwhiches.)

We also talked about our love of Mystery Science Theater 3000/Rifftrax/Cinematic Titanic and the joys of bad cinema.

Alonso is the reviews editor for The Wrap, and he also wrote 101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men.

He also hosts a few podcasts:

And don’t worry! The contest results are almost here!


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