Weird Christmas Music

No, I’m not making my own Christmas music. Actually, I *AM* making my own Christmas music, but that’s not what this post is about. I should just start over.

Every year, more people ask me for music recommendations. But I’ll be honest: I don’t hunt down odd and unusual Christmas music on a regular basis. The cards keep me busy enough, and I don’t have time for a podcast, so I make two. I thought the least I could do, though, was share all the places I go for good Christmas music. These are the folk who do the hunting and come up with the gems, both gorgeous and mystifying. Any music I ever share is pretty much just reblogging something they’ve found.

There. Now, if someone asks me what new Christmas music I’m listening to, I can just point to this. I’m listening to whatever these folk tell me to listen to:

And he’s not a year-long Christmas site, but my favorite annual Christmas music show is by Old Man Freakboy on his show Hey You Kids! GET OFF MY LAWN! (Full disclosure: I’ve been on it. But it’s still my favorite fer realz). You can get all of his holiday shows here.

You should also go follow Mitchell Kezin on Facebook or Twitter. (Or the pages/accounts for his documentary Jingle Bell Rocks!)

There are plenty more great sites, but these are the ones I visit frequently and try to stay at least vaguely up to date with. But check out the blogrolls on each of these to find others. Gotta admit, though, that after these 7 or 8, I start to see repeats.

Any I missed that I should put on there? Hit me.

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