Santa is a Mushroom – NOT a Saint!

I tried a little experiment and turned a podcast episode from two years ago into a video. This one was popular enough and lent itself to enough visual fun that I could play with some software just a bit. One thing I learned…MAKING VIDEOS TAKES A LOT OF TIME, especially if you’re not just putting yourself on camera.

But I hope you enjoy it! The show notes are back on the original podcast page at this link.

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  1. Educating!
    I’m all in for the notion, that Christmas-time has more to do with winter-solstice than with some saint of christian belief. What is more: – the date of birth of Christ, has more to do with competing, since Mithras – a god of light, fertility and strenght – was born on the same date.
    I particularly like the observation about a more northern origin of The Yuleman, and an elder tradition way beyond the arbitrary year 0 AD.
    But I really have my doubts about Rød Fluesvamp (Fly Agaric – Amanita Muscaria), as a hallucinogenic drug. Your primary experience, eating that thing, would be profound stomach-ache. But I rest my case, since I’m not a pharmacologist. On the other hand, I know that elfs/gnomes/gobs/nisser live under “mushrooms” (“Paddehatte” in danish), and disguise themselves as “padder” (Frogs) – hence “padde-hat”: “frog-hat”.
    Nevertheless – or rather: apart from that notion – what a marvelous podcast! High-five 🙂

    Regards, Henning

    ps: – I’ll excuse misspellings, poor languange, lack of correct orthography, stating that: – I’m only danish 🙂

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    1. Thanks for this! Gotta admit, I’m a little sketchy on the actual connection, despite what I say in the video. I think the idea’s really fun, but I’m not sure the direct connection holds up. Like you, though, I *DO* think that there’s a lot more to the northern myths still in what Santa looks like now than we usually think of. Gotta do a show just on that… 🙂

      Thanks again! – Craig


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