The Man in the Halloween Moon

A lot of Halloween cards show the moon reacting to the action. It’s cute, it makes what could be ominous seem fun. I get it.

But it gets kinda weird where the Mr. Lunar is really getting into things.

The moon is really getting off on this kid about to be eaten.

That one is just way too into watching this kid crawl inside that giant pumpkin maw. And others show a little too much enthusiasm for whatever weirdness is happening:

My eyes are as big as my…well…

I have no clue what’s going on in that card, but I know the moon is enjoying way too much.

Then there are some where the moon seems really judgy to me.

Moon: “Cats, witches, and pumpkin men should not fraternize.”
Moon: “Whatever you’re doing, Mr. Pumpkin, I’m disappointed.”

Some have a moon that is frankly, creepy and inappropriate. Leery, you might say:

Seriously, man, she’s too young for you.
This guy wants to watch some pumpkin people get freaky.
I don’t think he has lips, but if he did, he’d be licking them.

Then there are some where the moon seems really embarassed to even be there. I can sympathize with these guys:

“Maybe if I smile and look away, they’ll stop…”

Most of them, though…I just don’t know. The expressions just don’t make sense:

Is he squinting in disapproval?
This guy’s just stoned.
IQ of, like, 40.

I’ll just put the rest here, because I don’t really know what to say about most of them. They throw me for a loop. I love them, but I just feel like the moon is maybe the artists’ sense of “WTF AM I DRAWING!?!? I HAVE TO DO TWENTY MORE OF THESE BY MORNING!”

“I’m just happy to be included.”
Is this a moon man? Maybe?
Smug bastard. But about what…?
He looks like he’s in on a joke that isn’t happening.
No clue.
Duck face even happened back then.

Found others? I know I’ve seen more, but I can’t find them right now. If you get a good one, find me on twitter (@weird_christmas) or

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