Weird Christmas on Patreon — and WC#16 Xmas Summer Comet

I’m starting a monthly podcast. I’m also going to give listeners real reproductions of classic weird cards throughout the year. And I’m going to start making my own set of holiday cards that you can give out to your friends and family.

But, see, I can’t do all that for free. So I’m starting a Patreon site. Here’s the skinny on Patreon: it’s a site where you can donate a set monthly amount (mine are $2/$5/$10) where you receive access to content and goodies. Lots of artists and musicians use it as a way to get a touch more steady income but also to provide special content to folk who are really in to what they’re doing. All the info’s here:

THE REGULAR SHOWS FROM THANKSGIVING TO NEW YEAR’S WILL ALL STILL BE FREE!!! (Subscribers on Patreon will still get an extra December one, tho.)

I want to give it a try. My little hobby here has gotten expensive. I upgraded my recording equipment, I needed hosts with more access, and even this WordPress site costs about $140/year. If you also count books on Christmas history, the extra cost needed to occasionally call someone outside the US for an interview (and they don’t do Skype and other free things), shelling out a bit more cash on real cards to share, my wife and I figured out that I spent over $1k on “Weird Christmas” related things last year. I can’t keep that up forever (and stay married).

But this seemed like a nice compromise because I can now get a touch of cash AND do even more!

If you’re interested, head on over to Patreon. There’s even a video there where you can see me on camera and hear me beg for your cash. My wife and son even got in on the action. (The youngest one was too shy…we’ll break him of that soon.) But the site also explains the different levels.

Honestly, though, I set the $2 bar as low as I could. That will get you the main thing, which is the new monthly podcast. Each will be an hour long (at least). I’ll always have some Christmas topic, but I also wanted to expand to other, well, let’s be nice and call them holidays. For August, I talked to people connected to National Mustard Day, Duran Duran Appreciation Day, and Bad Poetry Day. There’s also a discussion with Cambridge Professor Colin Humphreys about why Christmas should really be held in the spring/summer. The answer? CHINESE COMETS! No joke.

Please consider it! And I hope you enjoy it.

But if you want a little preview, I made the Christmas portion free. Here ’tis:

WC#16 Christmas Summer Comet and Patreon Plug

Links from the show:

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