H.P. Lovecraft’s Christmas Writing Podcast

Let’s listen to all of HP Lovecraft’s Christmas poetry and his one story set at Christmas time, “The Festival.” I got help from YOU, the good people of Weird Christmas Town!

HPL and Felis, his friend Frank Belmont’s cat.


Thanks in particular to my friend Lisa who read most of the Christmas notes and Kris Rhodes who read the scary one. Kris is also a poet in his own right (better than Lovecraft), and you can buy his book Brroop at Amazon here.

And thanks to the following followers for following and for reading on the podcast:

You can read Lovecraft’s poetry here and here if you really want to dwell on the stuff. And here’s a link to the full text of “The Festival.”

The carol at the beginning, “The World in Terror and Madness Lies,” was made by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society, and all of their great tunes are on youtube and available for sale at the HPLHS site.

I shamelessly stole a bit of “The Call of Cthulhu” from Garrick Hagon on youtube. But his is my favorite version that costs less than money.

The cheery music at the end is by the Supraphonics, and you’ll hear more from them soon. Great surf-music Christmas stuff.

Listen! Subscribe! And please dear god love a review for chrissakes because what else do you have to do!?!?

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