Podcast! Ancient Christmas with Earl Fontainelle of the SHWEP

I talk to Earl Fontainelle of the SHWEP (Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast). We try to trace down any textual evidence that would connect the origins of Christmas to ancient pagan sources, namely the Mithras cult and Emperor Constantine’s Sol Invictus cult.

Listen here, on your favorite podcast app, or at the Podbean site.


The SHWEP Oddcast


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  1. Don’t forget Jul, the Nordic Xmas! Some legends say Jesus and Odin fight on Xmas day! I suspect it’s like pro wwrestling – they put on a show and have beer and lutefisk together afterwards!

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    1. What we know about “Nordic” “pagan” Christmas is on the docket for next year. Just gotta find me a scholar I trust. Loads of folk are willing to make all kinds of guesses about things that seem appropriate, but I’ll need an actual textual/folklore/linguistic scholar to go hard core. 🙂


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