Christmas Dead Birds Dying More Dead With Death

I keep finding more dead bird cards. Not all of them are specifically Christmas-related, but… whatever, this is my hobby. I answer to no one.

If these are new to you, and you’re thinking WHAT THE ACTUAL FLYING THING!?, I did my best to explain them here.

I want to keep them all in one place (because when I did this before, I soon found even more). (That rhymed.)

This is my favorite new one. It looks like it might well be a fake with the bugs and the cropping, but I can’t say. If it is legit, tho, it’s unique for including the bugs, which adds an extra dimension of, of course, creepiness.

Bug-related pleasures?

But first, let’s gather up all the ones we have already, especially the classics:

Focus on that word: “Joyful.”
“Loving” is not how I normally describe a cold, dry corpse.
One reason I think the top one might be fake is that it might have stolen this border/caption.
“Joyful,” again. This time hanging by a string.
This is a quote from Milton’s “Hymn on the Morning of Christ’s Nativity,” which is technically a Christmas poem but is really about God and baby Jesus scaring all the pagan gods and making them run and hide. It’s awesome, you should read it.
They love “joyful.”
Winter’s definitely creeping into this guy’s heart. Along with worms.

So then we have cards that have a dead bird in them, but it’s part of a larger scene. (And apologies, but most of these have watermarks b/c I found them online or in auction websites which are a bitch to download sometimes.)

A bird in the hand is worth… whatever.
Hard to see, but they’re both looking at a dead bird.
The smudge down by their feet? Dead bird.

Then there are dead birds that aren’t specifically about Christmas.

What “kind regards” does this imply?
Dear lord, it was a series of generally well-wishes cards… with a variety of dead birds.
No message, but, yes, a card.
Also (apparently) a postcard.
This is some seriously gothic shit.

I can’t decide if this is actually a “dead bird” card or a pre-feast image or what:


And there are of course lots of cards that show dead birds as part of feasts. These are fun and definitely not to modern tastes. But they don’t really count:

Food is dead things.
“With Best Wishes”

And finally, we have good clean murderous fun.

Yeah, it’s supposed to be a St. George call back. But don’t care.

If and when I find more… I’ll forget to post them here and will end up just making a new post a few years down the line.

(Thanks especially to the Mary Evans Picture Library where I obviously found a bunch of new stuff. If anyone else trolls thru there, please let me know what you find!)

Merry Avian Mortality!

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