Podcast! The Ghost Story of Christmas 2021ish – “A Strange Christmas Game” by Charlotte Riddell

Listen here.

Or listen at the Podbean site.https://weirdxmas.podbean.com/e/the-ghost-story-of-christmas-2021ish-a-strange-christmas-game-by-charlotte-riddell/


I never quite got this show finished during the season, so my humble apologies. All is now well.

Thank you to Meghan Arcuri for talking to me about Charlotte Riddell! Her collection of Riddell’s stories will be out very soon. And here are some links to her work, which I encourage everyone to check out:

  • Her bio: Meghan Arcuri is a Bram Stoker Award®-nominated author. Her work can be found in various anthologies, including Borderlands 7 (Borderlands Press), Madhouse (Dark Regions Press), Chiral Mad, and Chiral Mad 3 (Written Backwards). She is currently the Vice President of the Horror Writers Association. Prior to writing, she taught high school math, having earned her B.A. from Colgate University—with a double major in mathematics and English—and her masters from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She lives with her family in New York’s Hudson Valley. Please visit her at meghanarcuri.comfacebook.com/meg.arcuri, or on Twitter (@MeghanArcuri).

Readers who were so gracious and generous with their time this year, as well as being totally patient and not complaining at all when I ghosted them:

Bumper music for this episode:

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