Frog Murder Christmas – The Mystery Continues

Frog Murder Christmas is one of the most popular of the old weird “Victorian” (if it actually was) Christmas cards. (I did a sort of “creative analysis” of it years ago which you can see here. That gives you a glimpse into my mindset.) But it’s one I know very little about. I’ve tried for years to identify the publisher with no luck.

Recently, though, another Pinterest collector who wishes to remain anonymous helped me find a bunch of other cards obviously by the same artist. Unfortunately, I can’t see the backs of these nor can I figure out the publisher by any common marks.

They’re French, tho, so that’s something. With these old cards, though, it’s hard to say if the French is original since so many of these images were traded around and had random captions added on for different printings.

Here they are. If anyone sees these and has any identification eureka moments, please let me know.

This one is obviously the same series because of the caption/font.
French stuff.
More French stuff.
Yet more French stuff.

So that’s what I’ve got. If anyone knows more about the French postal system of the late 1900’s…hit me up. I’ve got some questions. 🙂


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