WC #25 Christmas, Buddhism, and Brad Warner

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This is the least Christmas-y episode I’ve ever done. But what the heck. I got to talk to a writer I’ve read for years, and I wasn’t letting it go to waste. Heh heh…

But to make it relevant, lots of people get sad around and after the holidays. Zen is my way of dealing with that. It’s my way of dealing with a lot of things. Yes, I meditate, but Zen meditation isn’t weird. It’s actually kinda boring, but that’s the point. Anyway, I’ve learned a lot about Zen from Brad, so this was awesome for me.

Brad Warner’s website: Hardcore Zen

The new book: Letters to a Dead Friend About Zen

Bumper music: “The First Nidana” by Ryan C. Hunt.

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  1. I really enjoyed this podcast and will be checking out Brad’s books. Coincidentally, we have a similar religious history. I was methodist when really young but was UU as an adult (30s), in Salem, MA (of all places, LOL). I even taught Sunday school. Organized religion though, too much ego involved – and politics. Actually the same can be said for most of the other groups I checked out except for the temple. Transitioned to metaphysics in my 40s, and I’m still interested in that, although no longer a Rosicrucian (again, too many egos and politics, which really had no place) . In the last decade or so, attended Buddism temple for meditation until I moved to the middle of nowhere. I occasionally go back when I revisit civilization. 🙂 Now, I’m just doing my own thing. Anyway, again, really liked this podcast. Thanks.


    1. Thank you! UUs are way more common in the north east, so that’s not as surprising…although fun that it’s Salem. 🙂 And, yeah, I know UU churches can get tons of conflict because they don’t have one set of beliefs to all have in common. My parents were always into “spirituality” in one form or another, and I spent a lot of time in New Age bookstores as a kid…but what’s funny is how little they believed in it. They were fascinated but not actually devoted to those ideas. I think that’s where I am now. Brad’s stuff is very NON metaphysical, for the most part. But I find it a very direct notion of Buddhism and meditation practice. So I hope you find something to enjoy!

      – Craig


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