WC Podcast #17: Lisa Morton and Halloween History

Starting off this year’s podcast season in earnest with a discussion of Halloween History. Lisa Morton has written three excellent books about Halloween history, as well as numerous award winning horror novels and short stories. Links are below the show. (For the longer version, head to Patreon.)

(You can also listen at the Podbean site or on your favorite podcast app.)

Lisa’s website: https://www.lisamorton.com/index.html

Her books:

Eric Hinton’s Halloween Postcards blog is here.

Intro music clip:  Giftshop – Spooky Halloween Christmas by Tim Tim                                                                             

Outro music clip: “Samhain Song” by Lisa Thiel 

Here’s the link to the Halloween music show I mentioned: Old Man Freakboy’s “Hey You Kids! Get off My Lawn!!!” Just replace your Halloween party playlist with this, and you’re set.

For a longer version of this interview, as well as an extra podcast with Eric Hinton of the Halloween Postcards blog, consider joining my Patreon. I’m doing a monthly podcast now, along with other treats like actual postcards in the mail, and you can sign up for just $2/month. The cash helps me pay for hosting sites and to support the flash fiction contest each year.


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