WC Podcast 15: Christmas with MST3K, Rifftrax, and Connor Lastowka

My name is Craig Kringle, and I’m a MiSTie.

“Hi, Craig!”

I understand that I suffer an addiction. I know it’s wrong that I can quote quite a few terrible movies AND the riffing commentary that goes with them. I know it’s wrong that I prefer it when people talk through movies…if they’re funny. I know it’s wrong that my favorite Christmas movies involve Martians and lower level devils who want to kill Santa. It’s just who I am.

Look, just listen to the podcast and decide if you need to join me in my addiction. You do.

Connor Lastowka (@clastowka on Twitter) is one of the original writers for Rifftrax. He’s also the voice of DisembAudio. Look it up.

In addition to Rifftrax, he’s written and edited a number of books:


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