2017’s Greatest Hits

Let’s break down the most popular Christmas cards of 2017. This includes Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. Instagram doesn’t count because it won’t let me queue things and, to be honest, I’m lazy. So Instagram will never get much attention. Sorry if that’s your “place.”

But to it!

Every year, there are a few surprises along with the ones I know will be hits. But each of these got at least 100 shares/reblogs/retweets, not just “likes.” Sometimes I post the ones that get popular more than once just to see if it’s a timing thing, but they usually each make the rounds.

Krampus is always popular, and one of the most popular things this year was the photoset of female Krampuses I put up on Tumblr. But these definitely went pretty far, too:

Giant Ms. Krampus
Kaiju Krampus! Definitely my favorite new Krampus find this year.
This monocle’d Krampus was incredibly popular, more so than the violent Krampus ones.

I found this cartoon early in the season, and it took over on Tumblr.



I always love hate mail. Usually it’s pretty lame, like when I make some joke that ignores the real tradition or act like I don’t know some back story, and I get messages or emails from someone who I assume sounds like the Simpsons Comic Book Guy explaining why it’s not funny if you put it in the right context…But the legitimate outrage hate mail is the best. I got a few mad messages from this one from both sides, one from those saying I should keep politics out of the cards, and the other saying that pedophilia is no laughing matter. Both are entitled to their opinions. And I’m entitled to ignore them. Besides, I guess a lot of people liked the joke because the card went far.

It’s a Roy Moore Christmas!

Some are just weird:


Some are sexy:


Some confuse the hell out of me. Why was this one so popular:


Some are just plain funny:


Some are unintentionally creepy beyond belief:



One dumb t hing in particular just went crazy with over 500 shares. Kinda pissed me off because it wasn’t even “on message” with my usual stuff. But, hey, Star Wars sells, right?


Then there were these two really quite beautiful but brutal paintings by Jakub Rozalski that were incredibly popular with good reason.



Dogs and cats are always good for clickbait, and these two were by far the most popular on that front:



Then there was this damn owl which surprised me for being so popular last year and came back this year to double its shares. So weird. I don’t get you people.


And, finally, I was gratified that so many people like the Santaur my wife got me:


And that was 2017! I found a lot of great stuff I just didn’t get around to sharing, but luckily we haven’t melted the ice caps completely yet, so there’ll probably be at least one more Christmas. I hope you’ll hang around to enjoy some seriously screwed up cards with me again.

Now on to New Year’s…


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