Podcast! Weird Christmas TV and Movies with Joanna Wilson

Looking for “The House of Seven Santas”? Click here.


On the latest podcast, I speak with author Joanna Wilson, the master of all things Christmas-y and TV-y. She wrote one of my favorite books on Christmas television specials that highlights all the oddball, unusual, and uncategorizable holiday TV and movies you could ever want: The Christmas TV Companion: a Guide to Cult Classics, Strange Specials & Outrageous Oddities. Her other books include an encyclopedia of Christmas TV shows and movies, a chronicle of watching A Christmast Story for 24 hours straight, and more.

Her website (Christmas TV History.com) also has a wonderful discussion of all kinds of Christmas specials, special events (like Christmas in July), and information on all the holiday TV coming up you could want. (Her Twitter, @TistheSeasonTV, is also a great resource and full of fun.)

We talk about a number of shows, and I’ve found as many links as I can below the show.

Wilson’s books (also all available on Amazon):

Shows and special episodes mentioned in the podcast:

Opening songs:

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