Screw it. I’m starting.

Santa gives the gift of decomposition.

September 5th is early. It’s early for Halloween. It’s way too goddam early for Christmas. But I don’t care. I’m in the mood to get things rolling.

So get ready for some Halloween stuff to start rolling out. I’m also taking the podcast much more seriously this time, and I’ve already gotten a lot of cool episodes partly done: Santa and hallucinogenic mushrooms, the weird(er) side of Halloween, strange Christmas TV specials you’ve never heard of, and plenty of odd music episodes. I’m going to put them on youtube at my son’s request, too, because “these kids today” don’t do podcasts, he says. So why not? I’ll get links up soon.

But the queue is loaded, and Halloween cards will start trickling out. I’ll speed them up in October, but why wait, right? We’ll all probably die in Trump’s Korean nuclear war , anyway, so be sure to get your Christmas shopping done soon!

– Kringle


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