Dying Candle People

That classic carol: “Oh, Holy GOD I’M ON FIRE!”

It’s a Christmas tragedy.

They’re on fire. But they celebrate and worship. People send them one another with good wishes…all while these tortured creatures sing and kiss and endure so much pain for the holidays.

I sing for the children who are not on fire.

What’s the message here? Are we supposed to focus on their stoicism? Is it a lesson about sacrifice? Is it that they can endure the fires of hell while still focusing on their sacred singing? Or is it something darker?

“I wonder what it’s like to be that nut and NOT BE ON FIRE!”

These cards are among the most depressing things I’ve ever found. It’s not that they’re in pain. On the contrary, it’s that they don’t look sad at all! And yet…they’re all clear images of imminent mortality. These candles are in the process of being consumed, dying, all while supposed to be images of celebration and light. But they’re not — they’re SO VERY not! These things are very calmly living through their last minutes, and we’re thinking happy, domestic thoughts and peace and light and decorating crap in our houses…WHILE THEY DIE BEFORE OUR EYES!

One last embrace, a final kiss…

What about this is “merry”? Nothing. Not a damned thing. The fact that we are “amused” by these images just throws our own heartlessness right back in our fat, candy-cane filled faces.


The bell this creature rings is tolling for us.

And, look, it doesn’t get any better in any other version or when they make the flame rather than the candle human. It’s just all hopeless and empty and, god, I need a drink…


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