My first Weird Christmas podcast! Please listen and let me know what you think!

Some fun music and an interview with David Kyle Johnson, the author of The Myths that Stole Christmas: Seven Misconceptions That Hijacked the Holiday (and How We Can Take It Back).

That traditional festive carol is Devo’s Merry Something To You.

To ask the Great Courses to have Dr. Johnson do a Christmas lecture or course, feel free to email them here.

You can find my theory about the dead bird cards here.




I’ll be honest: the Thanksgiving cards aren’t the most entertaining of the lot. Halloween cards can be ridiculous, but they’re already supposed to be creepy. The Christmas cards are so anachronistic that almost anything seems out of place. And some of the old Easter and Valentine’s Day cards are just surreal.

But Thanksgiving? A lot of turkey and a lot of women cooking stuff.

Occasionally, though, you get some winners, and these things are some of the most god-awfully frightening images I’ve ever seen.


Nothing about that is redeeming. Not the chubby face. Not the obvious fact that it’s not at all supposed to be a costume but a mutant. Not even the weird way the captions are all out of whack like “Greeting Thanksgiving” or “Thanksgiving Remembrances” or some other random phrase that no one ever said.


The lesson here is that Thanksgiving can actually be hell for reasons other than having to eat with your extended family, who will probably bring up politics in some aggressively insensitive way. But at least you can imagine them turned into some kind of horrible creature like these that can only wish for a swift death. Happy Thanksgiving!