The 2020 Weird Xmas Playlist List

[I’ll try to keep adding to this list. Send me a note at, DM on social media, or leave a note in the comments to add yours!]

We need a good clearing house list of Christmas Mixes for 2020. So I’ll keep them here. I won’t be sharing anything that’s meant for a small circle of friends. If you know about the huge world of underground mixes, you know that lots of folk get very protective, as well they should! It takes a lot of work to find some of this stuff. So you have to be nice and get to know people.

But others just share it with the world. So that’s what we’ve got here. Dive in! And give them a THANKS! if you like what they found.

(And it would be a severe moral failing if I didn’t mention that you should always check out Christmas Underground’s site where he’s essentially making a running playlist of the greatest stuff you’ll never find on your own all year long.)

These are in absolutely no particular order:

More to come…


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