WC #24 Medieval Christmas with Misty Schieberle and Scott Smith

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I try to figure out what Christmas in the Middle Ages might have been like. There are truly only a handful of references. And I get two medieval scholars to help me.

Dr. Misty Schieberle, Associate Professor of English at the University of Kansas. She teaches at the University of Kansas and specializes in late medieval literature and manuscript studies.

Dr. Scott T. Smith, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature. He teaches classes in early medieval literature, history of the English language, comics and graphic novels, and horror fiction at Penn State University.

We mention so many people and texts to follow up on. Here are the major ones in the order they came up:

(Totally cheating and using Wikipedia links, but I’ll update them with something better asap.)

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  1. If anyone is interested in learning more about the Green Knight, boy bishops, the boar’s head tradition, etc. check out John Matthew’s book, “The Winter Solstice”. I stumbled upon it at my local library years ago and reading it at this time of year has since become a tradition for me.


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