FOR SPECIAL PEOPLE ONLY! Writing Contest Extension

Tomorrow (November 2nd) is the deadline for the Flash Fiction Contest. I’m admittedly terrified by the number I’ve already gotten, and I turned off notifications on my phone because they were constant.

But there’s ONE SPECIAL EXCEPTION to tomorrow’s deadline:

I’m granting a special extension to Christian Ollier’s classes at Clark International High School in Nagoya, Japan. Mr. Collier said he’s using the contest as a writing assignment, and I want to be sure his students have enough time to finish. He says they have great ideas, and I’m super excited to read their stories!

So for them, and them alone, the deadline is extended to November 14th.

I’m looking forward to your stories!

Craig Kringle

Some people don’t know that KFC is a big Christmas tradition in Japan. But to me, it makes perfect sense.


  1. How many entries have you got? Sounds like you have a right to feel scared! It’s a great competition, Craig – you just need to limber up, stock up on the coffee and get your reading pants on 🙂

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